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About Me

Hey, I'm Tomzy, the creative force behind the pixels, bringing design and animation to life. My journey began with a love for crafting minimalist prints that tell stories through the perfect blend of shapes. Formerly a chef, I traded in my apron in 2023 for a stylus to pursue the irresistible allure of the art life. I used to dabble in conventions part-time, but now I'm fully committed to this creative journey where every design holds its unique story.

Whether it's Vinyl toys or 3D modeling, I'm exploring new dimensions, turning ideas into something awesome. Join me on this creative journey, where every design holds its unique story

2024 Events

Toronto Fan Expo, Naka-Con, Smash Con, Phoenix Fan Fusion

Past Events

Canada: Toronto Fan Expo, Calgary Expo, Ani Revo (Vancouver), Montreal Comiccon, Hal-Con (Halifax), Animethon (Edmonton)

US: Emerald City Comic Con, New York Comicon, Phoenix Fan Fusion, Sakura Con (Seattle), ConnetiCon